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Stop paying for your customer's vacations!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Maybe you've just become comfortably numb. You have accepted that working hard and paying bills are just part of owning your business. Thoughts about how much out of every sale goes to paying overhead and how little ends up as profit doesn't keep you up at night now. You have accepted that's just how it is.

Really? Have you reached the point that paying two to four percent on every credit card sale is acceptable? Sure, credit card make sales so simple. Take a card and money is deposited into your account which means fewer trips to the bank and less loss due to errors, robbery risk and employee theft. But still every transaction takes away profit. Until now. The cash discount program is here and business owners everywhere are enrolling everyday.

For example, you see gas stations that have a cash price of $3.00 and a credit card price of $3.18. That is cash discount and those stations are paying zero in fees!

Every time you see an ad for a rewards credit card you know that you are giving money back to your customer. Cash back, rewards points, flyer miles, money that you pay when you take a rewards card and contribute to someone else's vacation!

Most businesses build credit card fees into their prices to cover the cost. But is it really fair to your cash customers to be paying for someone else to get two to five percent cash back? Should they be paying for someone else's trip to Paris? Doesn't the cash customer deserve a real discount? Don't you?

Now you can. The cash discount program is here. New cash discount terminals and point of sale devices now offer and cash price and a credit price. Prices displayed are the cash discount prices so when your customer pays cash, they actually get a discount. However when a customer chooses to pay with a credit card they pay the actual price displayed on the signage. The difference pays all the merchant fees you currently pay.

When preparing an invoice for a car repair or large ticket item, simply list a cash price and a credit price. Give your customer the choice of how to pay. If they pay by cash, they pay the discounted price. If by card, they pay the credit price which includes the fee for using a card. Now you never have to pay credit card fees again. And they still get their reward points but now you are not paying for them!

Learn more about cash discount and how you can eliminate credit card processing fees and keep more of your profit! Talk to us about how you can enroll your business in the cash discount program today.

Ready to enroll in your cash discount program? Get a FREE CASH DISCOUNT CREDIT CARD TERMINAL when you enroll today!

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