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Business 2 Business Payments

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Business to business payments present unique challenges and expenses.  Reduce your Days Sales Outstanding from 30 days or more to same or next day. 

The Real Cost of Accepting Paper Checks.

Because there's more than processing fees to take into consideration, paper checks are 10 times more costly to businesses than digital payments, Manpower and incidental costs - which are not included when processing payment by check via digital alternatives. Processing paper checks is not only expensive, but also slows the payment process down, which increases Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and negatively impacts cash flow.

How long is your typical Days Sales Outstanding? 

30-day term but typically receive payment in 45 days or longer?

What is your cost of an invoice at 45 Days Sales Outstanding?

How would your cash flow improve if your Buyer paid on receipt of invoice instead of 30 or 45 net?

Reduce the term from 45 days to same day.

Is your business in actuality, financing your customer's purchases while waiting on outstanding payments? 

Opportunities to Reduce the Cost of Buyer Payments 


  • Cash Acceleration

  • Operational Efficiencies

  • Tax Benefits

  • Level III Data

  • Customer Service

  • Inflation Effect​

Harness the power of B2B savings.

Dramatically reduce transaction fees on business-to-business credit card payment transactions. Our payment platform qualifies businesses for significant payment processing reductions.

Coastal Payment Systems delivers interchange optimization.

Our gateway platform optimizes data fields, providing instant access to Level II and Level III savings. B2B & B2G transactions will automatically qualify for lower rates when gathering additional data at the time of the transaction. Companies that accept business cards or government cards can qualify for lower Level III rates benefiting from significant savings.

Large ticket transactions frequently benefit from interchange optimization. Our Payment Platform detects which cards qualify for Level II and Level III interchange savings. We intelligently process Level II and Level III qualifying data. This enables us to deliver the opportunity for lower payment processing fees. Turn hours of work into seconds, simplifying your work to reduce labor costs.

Integrate Level II and Level III business to business payment processing in your accounts receivables and receive payments the same day. Reduce the cost of payment processing and increase cash flow. It's a no brainer. 


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Level 2 and 3 Interchange Rate-chart

Bringing payment technology to your business


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