Optimizing payment gateways for Business to Business        significantly lowers payment processing rates.

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Our gateway optimizes data fields, providing instant access to Level II & Level III savings. B2B & B2G purchases can qualify for lower rates by automatically entering additional data at the time of the transaction. Businesses that accept business, or government cards can qualify for level III rates and can benefit from significant savings.

Large ticket transactions frequently benefit from interchange optimization. PayTrace knows which cards qualify for Level II and Level III interchange savings. We are optimized to intelligently process the most Level II and Level III qualifying data. This enables us to deliver the opportunity for lower merchant processing fees. 

 We turn hours of work into seconds; making your work easy and saving labor costs.

What is interchange?

Interchange is a rate or fee charged by banks to cover the cost of handling and risk involved in bank credit or debit card transactions. Business or corporate cards have higher interchange rates than a typical consumer card. Coupled with transactions processed online without a card present produces an even higher rate. 

Interchange optimization is available on all our products, all day, every day.

On our platform, merchants qualify for the best interchange rates on every transaction. Our omni channel solution for secure payments is available online, in-office

POS and through any mobile device. When integrating to our API, even merchants accepting payments through accounting software like QuickBooks, xero and FreshBooks CRM, and ERP applications are saving with interchange optimization.

Are there fees associated with interchange?

In addition to the interchange rate, credit card processing companies often include other fees that are passed along to merchants as part of their processing costs.

Who sets the rates?

Interchange rates are set by credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Visa and MasterCard typically publish updated interchange rates in April and October.

These rates are current as of April 2020, and now effective July 2020 for the public.

Optimizing B2B payment gateways

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Our gateway works with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks, and many other popular accounting packages.

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             What data is required to qualify for each rate?

VISA and MasterCard require different amounts of data to qualify for Level II and Level III rates.

PayTrace auto-fills this data so merchants can qualify for higher savings on each transaction.

Screenshot (181).png
Screenshot (182).png

Level II & III Processing Savings Examples

Mastercard Commercial Card Example


Data Rate III 

  • 1.80 % + $0.10

Data Rate II 

  •  2.20 % + $0.10

Data Rate I   

  • 2.65 % + $0.10

Commercial Standard

  • 2.65 % + $0.10 

Standard to LII  0.75 % savings

Standard to LIII 1.15 % savings