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GwareSMS Grocery Bundle

Product Details

Includes 15 inch all in one touch screen POS system/POS terminal, receipt printer, 5 slot cash drawer, counter top omni directional presentation scanner, PAX S300, 8 inch customer display, and install with training.  At a third of the cost of our competitors. 

(Scale available but not included in bundle)

PaayyPOS Retail 15 inch Android Bundle

Product Details

PaayyPOS touch screen software for retail, PaayyWare all in one terminal, 4 slot cash drawer, 2D omni directional counter top scanner, and PAX S300.

PaayyPOS Restauant bundle.png
Android 6.0 with Google Play services. Cloud enabled device management. 11.4 " wide screen, Build in 1" x 3"Customer display, Built in 80 column receipt printer.

Witness the Revolution

Frictionless Payment Technology Solutions

PaayyTech has setup equipment and software to provide you the tools needed to be successful in today’s fast-paced business. Software that is easy to configure, easy to use with reporting tools to give you a snapshot of your business from your web browser.

Software configurations for:

Quick Service Restaurant (Pizza, Coffee Shops, Sandwich, Food Trucks and more.)

Self ordering kiosk allowing your customers to order exactly what they want. Saving labor and allowing you to service your customers more efficiently.

Retail (Grocery, Farm Market, Liquor, Convenience, Gift Shops and more.) - Reporting in the cloud allowing monitoring of your business anytime, anywhere.

Digital signage and menu board editing software. Offering you total control of signs and menu boards through your web browser.

Optional e-commerce and marketing.

Our video auditing software solution monitors all food and beverage service transactions through video cameras and matches the data to you existing standards of service, to report non-compliance.

Equipment: Android 10.1 inch touch screen all-in-one terminal with built in printer, quick scanning and reliable scanner, cash drawer and option card processing EMV certified terminal.

Optional Equipment: Kitchen printer, POS scale, Digital Menu boards and signage from 15” to 55” with Android 5.1 built in.

The future is dynamic.

Built for busy, in-store environments and restaurants that need a fast, full-featured point-of-sale solution.

Pricing and Discounts

Easily establish and manage price points and discount programs across products and locations.

Taxes and Tax Reporting

Set up, track and manage taxes for accounting procedures, and how they appear at the point of sale.

Inventory Management

Get real-time data to better manage inventory expenses, maximize sales and help stay in stock.

Customer Payments

Accept all payment types to help improve cash flow and profitability.

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