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Point of Sale

Supercharge your restaurant, bar or retail store with the latest point-of-sale.
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Save money.

Today many restaurants, bars and retail stores are installing a new POS system without paying upfront costs, only a minimal monthly software and support fee. We place systems that have all the features you want without high upfront costs.

Make more money. 

One thing that concerns business owners is losing two and a half to three percent on orders because of payment processing fees. Would you be against eliminating those fees? 


For years gas stations have a had a cash price, and a slightly higher card price which pays their payment processing costs. Now bars, restaurants and retail stores can implement the same dual pricing approach that is now widely accepted and used to eliminate payment processing fees. 


The bottom line is that every time one of your customers pays with a card, you are losing two to three percent of that revenue. Your customers continue to get rewards and cash back as you lose money. Question. If other businesses are having success with the program and have happy customers, do you think it would be a crazy idea to try to eliminate your fees?


How much do you process each month in card payments?  Multiply that by your effective rate, probably around 2.8%. Now multiply that by twelve months. You are losing that amount in profit every year because of these fees. All day, every day. 


How do we do this? We first upgrade your technology. 

Placing a new pos system that eliminates processing fees with a dual price program. The good news is we provide the hardware and set up at no cost to you. 


If a new POS system would allow you to eliminate fees and provide all the features you need, would you be against considering a new point of sale?



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