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Put Your QuickBooks POS and Your Merchant Account Back Together

Finally, for those retailers that have been caught in the middle of the QuickBooks Point of Sale dilemma , there is finally relief. Although QuickBooks functionality is one of the best for retailers, the credit card processing fees have been among the highest. High fees have left operators to either swallow the expense or some, unable to endure, have resorted to opening a separate merchant account with lower fees and adding a stand alone credit card terminal. This option lowered fees and saved money but gave up the payment transactions integration, creating manual entry at the end of the day. A tiresome task but one that could possibly give a one to two percent reduction in fees.

The solution is now on the market and integrating transaction processing with your accounting software has never been easier! Designed for QuickBooks® Point of Sale, ProCharge® POS Plugin now processes the latest payment methods, including chip, contactless, credit, and debit transactions for a fraction of the cost! 

Let COASTAL PAYMENT SYSTEMS help you fall back in love with your QuickBooks POS all over again!

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