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Business Boom or Bust. Is Your Business Ready?

Many states have been opened for business since the Covid lock down. New York and California have opened this week. While some businesses had to close the doors, others suffered losses during the past year and continue to struggle as we watch others experience a boom. Some say the economy is going to boom, some say bust. If it is a boom, then it makes sense to go all in now to take advantage of the coming wave of prosperity.

Businesses that have fallen behind during Covid may want to join the wave that is coming but, because of lower revenues, fall short of funds to go all in to take advantage of this opportunity. Customers like and want a great experience when spending their money. Merchants will want to make their establishments have the look and feel that bring customers in and have them come back to spend more and tell their friends about the business they visited.

A “face lift” may be needed, more items to choose from, cash to pay for better help, equipment upgrades to serve customers more efficiently are all improvements that will draw and keep customers coming. Any of these upgrades take cash to keep customers coming through your door to make more profit.

But what if, because of the past year’s lower revenue, your business is strapped for cash for the upgrades you recognize that can bring more income into your business? Simply put, no cash reserves. If this is where your business stands then we have a solution to help you stay competitive.

First, if you do not have cash but need cash, usually means a taking out a loan. A loan means monthly payments, a long and tedious application process that may finally approve you. Or not.

Now there is a better, faster, easier solution. You can easily get a cash advance based on your sales. No credit requirements, no fixed monthly payment. Payback is based on sales volume. If sales are lower, the payment is lower. Cash can be in your account as fast as 24 hours and you can be on your way to make the upgrades that will bring in more revenue.

Secondly, we can also help you increase revenue to pay off the advance faster with our Dual Price Payment Processing solution. Dual Price Payments lets you make the same profit on non-cash sales as cash sales. Which means you no longer pay for credit card processing. The cash currently paid to process credit cards will now be yours. Pay off the cash advance faster and then the additional revenue is yours to keep rather than paying part of your profit to a credit card processor. How would a 3% pay raise effect your bottom line?

To find out how much cash you qualify for, Get the Capital You Need. Now!

Keep more of your profits! Find out more about our Dual Price Payment Program!

Want to talk? 877.392.2737 or email

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