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  • No Collateral Required
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Cash Flow?

Through these challenging times, small business owners, in general, are frustrated with the lack of resources to obtain capital. There is a solution. 

Secure money for your business with a merchant cash advance. 

Cash advance qualifications typically focus on a business’s credit card receivables. If the business meets credit card sales requirements, it will likely qualify. Business owners personal and business credit scores will not be as important in obtaining a cash advance.

Capital Advances ranging from $2,500 – $250,000

  • Fast process with limited requirements.

  • Minimum 500 FICO. Minimum $7,000 a month in credit card sales.

  • Does not show up on credit, as a lien, or on your balance sheet.

  • Meaning no adverse effect in ability to receive future traditional funding.

  • Use the funds as you see fit.

  • Obtaining funding for your business is easy and quick.

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