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 ZERO Hassle Business

Funding for Your Dream!

Getting Business Capital Is Easier Than You Think


Skip the lengthy business loan application process that you’d go through at a traditional bank and work with CPS Funding instead. All you need to get started are your last three monthly bank statements and a one-page application! Plus our flexible options give you the best chance of approval.


Refinancing allows you to change the terms of a business loan. Your company can benefit in any number of ways — from lowering the interest rate and monthly payment to extending the maturity date of the loan so you have more time to pay it back.

Apply online, get fast approvals and same day funding.

It's easy and hassle free for new and existing businesses to get funding. We have helped many people just like you solve their financial needs. Learn how it works and get started today.

Tell us about your business.

Complete our short online application on your personal computer or smart phone. The process is completely secure and confidential. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your business and funding needs.


Get short-term business funding so you can keep your company running smoothly through temporary cash flow problems. We have a streamlined application process, and our funding program is designed to work directly through your current credit card sales, so you can get your financing quickly.


If you’ve used multiple business loans to enable your company to grow, but now you’re facing excessive interest payments to multiple lenders, consolidation can help reduce your costs and simplify your payments. It lets you combine your loans into one payment, to one creditor, usually with a lower rate!


Factoring is defined as a company selling it’s accounts receivables or it's unpaid invoices to a third party. Usually this third party is a commercial financial company, also referred to as a “factor.” Factoring can guarantee cash flow in as little as 72 hours!

From invoice factoring to equipment finance, short term, mid term, bridge loans and constructions loans, we have the loan programs you need to ensure that your business gets the funding you need when you need it. 

Have your questions answered about small business loans and merchant cash advance programs to help you make informed capital decisions for your business.

Over 2500 Lending Programs

Get access to thousands of lending programs. We have a 95% approval ratio across all lending products we offer.


Easy Application

Pre-Qualify for a Cash Advance


2 Day Fast Funding

We provide the fastest funding turnaround time in the industry.


Working Capital

We offer short to medium term money to help you reach your business goals.