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✅ Supports Social Distancing Guidelines

✅ Contactless Capabilities

✅ Simplified installation

✅ Semi-integration Method

✅ Supports Future Innovation

EMV Easy Pump™ is a low-cost, simplified option for stations eliminating the need to replace pumps and tear up concrete. It’s installed with a retrofit kit and the platform is flexible to support future innovations. It supports QR code scanning, PIN on-glass, MSR, EMV chip and PIN, NFC for Apple Pay and Google Pay, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and includes a built-in security camera. Contactless capabilities are a major benefit for the purpose of eliminating touch points but also convenience for customers. The benefits of semi-integration versus full integration is also an important consideration in that:

✅ Most existing U.S. implementations in petroleum are conceived as a full integration, where the payment application runs on the forecourt controller, separate from the payment terminal. The payment terminal receives the cardholder data and passes it to the payment application for processing bringing the entire solution into PCI scope for auditing.

✅ Keeping full integration may not continue to work with your existing equipment, and any time something changes, it can require a new certification across each piece of the solution affected. Since the payment application is separate from the payment terminal, this implementation also puts the station in PCI scope. Thus, system security becomes an important issue, as this configuration is responsible for much of the card skimming.

Semi-integration is a method that should be considered. It is also the method used for EMV Easy Pump™. With semi-integration, the payment application runs on the payment terminal. So, all card processing is handled by the payment terminal, which links directly to the payment processor.

✅ By separating the payment terminal from the rest of the system, this configuration provides more flexibility because it’s compatible with a multitude of pumps and forecourt controllers and does not require new certifications for each.

✅ It is also more secure, since cardholder data goes directly from the reader to the payment processor/host and is PCI-certified. In addition, the payment device at the pump is a PCI certified payment terminal, so if anyone tries to tamper with the device, it will stop working.

✅ Being semi-integrated the approach minimizes downtime because you can upgrade one pump at a time. You don’t need to take the whole station down to convert to EMV.

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