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Smart Terminal Mini Payment Terminal

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The compact, wireless credit card reader.

The Smart Mini is a handheld, fully equipped smart terminal powered by the advanced functionality of Payanywhere. It's the perfect portable credit card reader for a number of businesses, including salons, pay-at-the-table restaurants, coffee shops, and delivery businesses. This small yet powerful payment device includes a 5" HD touchscreen and barcode scanner. Get the versatility to securely accept payments:

  • At the counter.

  • At the table.

  • On the go.

Payment types:

  • Traditional credit cards via a magstripe reader.

  • EMV chip cards.

  • NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

  • PIN debit payments.


  • 5" touchscreen with Android software.

  • Camera for easy barcode scanning.

  • 4G and wifi connectivity.

What's included:

  • Power adapter.

  • Access to Payments Hub for easy business management, data-driven reports, our Virtual Terminal, and more.

  • 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Accept payments any way your customer wants to pay. Accept credit cards in your store or restaurant, medical or dental practice, on the job site, or online. Smart Solutions works around you, your business and your customers.

What a "dumb" terminal cannot do that a Smart Terminal can.

  • Text or email receipts Connect through WIFI

  • Have a 4G backup Customer experience with customer-facing screens

  • Simplify and cheaper PCI

  • Social media links in the digital receipts

  • An easy path to upgrade as needs change.

  • Faster account changes without downloads Terminals “ready to use” once the account is set up

  • Same Day or Next Day Funding

  • Dual Pricing - Makes the same profit on non-cash sales as cash sales.

Free placement with $9.95/mo software fee. Ask how the EDGE DUAL PRICE Program makes the same profit on non-cash sales as cash sales!

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