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Are You Ready for Self Ordering Kiosks?

Eliminate lines, free up employees’ time, and give customers what they want with a custom-designed self-ordering kiosk experience.

Speed up Your Customer Experience

  • Give customers the freedom to choose and customize their orders with available add-ons and modifiers.

  • Customers can also opt-in to text updates about their order.

  • No more missing orders. Save the cost of print menus.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Cut Labor Cost by $8,000 per month: Orders placed on the Kiosk are sent to the kitchen directly through an All-in-one POS system. Meaning servers no longer have to input the order manually. When guests order on their own, staff is freed up to handle other important tasks.

  • Reduce Wait Times: Customers that are ready to eat do not care for waiting in long lines. When guests can order on their own, there is no back-and-forth between cashier and guest, wait times are reduced significantly.

  • Real-time Menu Changes: Cloud data sync, real-time price change, save the paper menu cost.

Improve Profit and Order Size

  • Increase Order Size: Upsell buttons prompts as guests are building their orders, including special promotions, adding extra paid toppings, or making a meal a combo. Guests have full control of adding items and customization, increasing average order size and tips by 25%.

  • Reward Guests: Restaurants’ own loyalty programs and restaurants can offer coupons and cash backs to reward their loyal customers with more options that help with retaining the customer for future visits.

SkyTab Kiosk will be unveiled in a few weeks! Like all SkyTab pos hardware, there is no upfront cost. Free installation and a lifetime hardware warranty. Be the first in your area to offer your customers kiosk ordering!

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