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Revolutionizing payments in the hospitality industry for decades, Shift4 once again leads the way by providing one comprehensive payment processing solution that empowers omnichannel hoteliers — whether you operate independent hotels, boutique properties, inns, resorts, casinos, hotel franchise properties, or an entire hotel chain.


Fully Integrated Solutions That Give Hotels a Competitive Edge

Shift4 Payments offers a single-source, integrated solution that delivers an unparalleled value proposition for hotels and resorts. This all-in-one support model streamlines every aspect of payment processing as well as a complete ecosystem of related services that are typically obtained through different vendors.

Shift4 is integrated with 350+ POS and PMS software, so we are highly likely able to integrate with your systems.

Many hotels are paying for a separate payment gateway in addition to their payment processor. With Shift4’s end-to-end processing, we include the payment gateway FREE! Having an all-in-one solution allows us to eliminate multiple costs that would not be possible with a multiple-vendor solution.

Shift4 Payments offers dozens of PCI-validated devices from leading manufacturers, covering a wide range of payment processing scenarios – and most of these options are offered FREE with our end-to-end solution! Hotels and resorts can customize their device package to meet the needs of each individual revenue center. Integrations include:

• Ingenico Telium TETRA line (Lane, Move)

• Ingenico Telium 2 line

• PAX A920, A930

• ID TECH EMV Common Kernel

• Verifone MX 915, MX 925

• Innowi ChecOut M

And many more.

End-to-End Solutions You Need From One Trusted Source

Secure Payment Gateway - Your guests’ payment data will be protected from reservation to checkout by the most reliable payment security including EMV, PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and tokenization.

Merchant Services - In addition to our secure payment gateway, we offer full merchant services — from trusted payments experts with decades of experience working with hospitality enterprises like yours.

Software Integrations - We have rich integrations with hundreds of leading property management system and point-of-sale solutions, which streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency across your entire resort.

Exceptional Support - You will receive unparalleled customer support from our knowledgeable, in-house team — available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Unique Hospitality Features - Our hospitality solution comes with features catered to your property’s individual needs, like tokenized reservations for added payment security and a secure channel to share guests’ payment data with an authorized third party, perfect for the concierge.

Competitive Pricing - By combining our gateway technologies with merchant services, we can offer you the lowest total cost to accept credit card payments. This could include free EMV terminals, as well as waived gateway and setup fees!


• Secure payment platform with PCI-validated P2PE and tokenization

• Seamless integration with 350+ POS/PMS solutions

• EMV devices from leading manufacturers

• Best-in-class business intelligence, analytics, and reporting

• PCI-validated key injection facility and deployment center

• 24/7/365 customer service and technical support, including POS-specific expertise.

Your Shift4 Value Proposition

FREE EMV and contactless terminals

FREE SkyTab mobile order and pay-at-the-table

WAIVED gateway fees

FREE QR code payments

Having a single source for all payments needs saves hotels significant time and money across the entire property – from implementation to daily operations.

Ready to save time and money? Then its time to Get Started today!

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