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Save thousands on your business loan.

Offset the cost of your next business loan and save thousands!

Does your business need money? Cash flow? Repairs? Renovation? Equipment?

Secure the money for your business with a cash advance loan. Then use the savings from the Edge credit card processing program each month to offset the loan payments. The Edge program allows you to make the same profit on credit card sales as cash sales which means you keep what you were paying in credit card fees.

Example: Monthly loan payment. Average processing fees.

$1,400 $1,000

The Edge program creates a $1,000 offset so now the monthly outlay is reduced to $400.

eg. The program can reduce the cost on a $30,000 cash advance by almost $8,000!

Merchant cash advance qualifications typically focus on a business’s credit card receivables. If the business meets credit card sales requirements, it will likely qualify. Business owners personal and business credit scores will not be as important in obtaining a cash advance.

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