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Remote Check Processing During the Covid-19 Quarantine

Businesses operating during this difficult and isolated time have to adapt to the changes the Covid-19 scare has come with. Providing an item or service to your customer will take additional and careful steps. Since you may not be able to meet with your customer, patient or client, payments are no longer made face to face. Some of your customers will prefer to pay by check. Mailing a check now involves the risk of entering the public space, an act your customer may be unwilling or unable to do. Now is the time to adapt to electronic check processing that will pull funds directly from a checking account. Instead of writing out a paper check or paying with a debit or credit card, the money moves automatically.

Process authorized debits from a consumer or business checking account


• Safely process recurring, single or B2B debit payments

• Process checks risk free with Check Guarantee

• Enjoy fast access to funds

• Automatically resubmit non-sufficient fund items

• Access 24/7 online reporting

Debits can be scheduled for a one-time charge or for recurring billing. Using a web-based interface and PC, merchants are able to electronically deduct authorized payments from the client’s account for faster, safer processing. Scheduling customer billing has never been easier.

Versatile Options

ACH debit is ideal for businesses that bill customers on a regular basis. Simply collect customer authorization and automatically start processing payments on scheduled dates. Organizations can also give customers the convenience of setting up a one-time debit in order to make a donation or to schedule a single service payment.

Payment protection

Avoid risk of non-payment and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing funds are guaranteed. Improve cashflow with the program that has the highest approval ratings in the industry.

Fast funding

Get fast access to funds with ACH deposits made to your bank account within seven business days and eliminate costs associated with paper check handling. Automated for your convenience, non-sufficient funds items are automatically resubmitted.

Online reporting

Have more control over your transactions with free online reporting. Access complete transaction tracking and batch detail 24/7 in addition to countless more features. When you’re done, export generated reports in several popular formats for accounting or archival purposes.

Learn more about how electronic check processing can help your business.

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