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Pay-By-Text Solution: Why All Businesses Should Quit Calling and Start Texting

With society always on their mobile phones, it only makes sense that more businesses are looking towards text messaging solutions to create efficiency in marketing and communications. Now, a Pay-By-Text makes purchases and collecting payments faster and easier than ever for both customers and businesses.

Rather than waiting for bills to be sent in the mail, or outstanding membership fees lost in your email, businesses can provide customers with a link on mobile phones. Our Pay-By-Text mobile solution creates an easy connection between customers and businesses by sending an immediate text message with a secure click to purchase link. This opens up two-way communication with customers and allows them to text back questions or concerns. Post-sale communication improves overall customer service and enhances revenue.

Here we take a look at some of the benefits of the Pay-By-Text solution and why all businesses should quit calling and start texting.

Enhances Revenue

Whether its to provide valued opportunities to confirm, upsell, cross-sell or accept orders, payment-integrated text communication is an easy way to boost revenue. For example, ensuring a constant flow of communication with a client during the payment process can differentiate and close the sale, or even provide offers on new products.

This back and forth communication creates a personal relationship between customers and companies, boosting client retention. Not to mention, a convenient and immediate way to pay when and where they want. Text reminders regarding fees or membership dues can also be sent out to customers to reduce billing confusion and chargebacks.

Reduces Chargeback Risk

Chargebacks and refunds can be the downfall of certain companies where customers have to book and pay online or over the phone. Companies, in particular, can get hit fees and chargebacks, and lose out in revenue, which can significantly affect their bottom line. Our Pay-By-Text solution, however, mitigates this chargeback risk in a number of ways. First, it protects a business’s assets and secures payments by enabling text-payment validation of credit cards or phone numbers. Two-way text messaging after a payment creates an easy communication stream, ensuring customer questions are answered, which can deter them from canceling. Customers who have a problem with their purchase, or need a quick answer to a question about their purchase, can send a simple text message back to that company. By leaving a voicemail, or sending an email, a business may not be able to solve the problem quick and efficiently, and potentially lose the sale. These other methods aren't as effective b/c the customer is not as responsive. Post sale communication is key to reducing chargeback risk after bookings. Pay-By-Text Solution not only streamlines the purchase process but keeps a direct line of contact with the customer during their stay. By texting upgrades, check-in times, and activities, guests can be connected at all times.

Improves Customer Service

Artificial intelligence and Bot technology produce automated responses, allowing businesses to maintain customer service 24/7. For example, the Healthcare industry can benefit enormously from two-way text messaging, as patient care can be enhanced by easy and immediate communication with their doctors. Getting hold of clinics and general information about prescriptions, where to pay and appointments can be overwhelming, with patients having to wait on hold for minutes before they can speak to someone directly. However, with Pay-By-Text, healthcare businesses can set up a direct payment and maintain communication with patients via text message. With Pay-By-Text streamline payment processing, receptionists can spend more time focusing on patients, instead of calling to follow up on payments. In a busy clinic, where customers expect the utmost care and service, having a clear and automated line of communication can drive customer satisfaction. From initial interest to closing a sale, a Pay-By-Text solution can enhance the customer’s journey to enable a better experience that leads to happier customers that stay with the brand longer.

Contact us to get started today. We’ll have you up and running with your innovative, contactless solution in no time.

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