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Merchant Service Referral Program

Updated: Nov 11

Earn Income From our Merchant Service Referral Program

How the Merchant Service Referral Program Works

It's simple. Refer a business to CPS. Once they sign up and approved for a new merchant account, CPS will pay you $300. Our wide range of payment processing solutions allows us to offer solutions to all business types.

The Process

  1. You fill out our online form with the merchant details.

  2. CPS handles all of the sales process, all you do is introduce CPS and CPS handles the rest.

  3. CPS puts together proposals, demonstrations, and answers any questions.

  4. Once approved CPS will notify and pay you.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Costs for Businesses

Credit card payment costs business a lot of money. CPS has a solution that allows businesses to eliminate their cost of accept credit cards.

Ready to start? Complete our partner form.

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