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Louisiana Set to Allow Delta 8 THC in Food

Louisiana is set to allow hemp-derived delta 8 in food.

The Louisiana Department of Health indicated that applications are open to register for licenses to make foods containing cannabinoids. “This includes the addition of food products containing CBD and delta-8 (THC) products.”

The Louisiana Department of Health cited a new law that clears the path for delta 8.

Delta 8 is one of the 100+ cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Feel more relaxed, clear-headed, and energized. Processors extract the cannabinoid and concentrate it to therapeutic levels. Delta 8 is like CBD that you physically feel working in your body. D8 is anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, an appetite stimulant, mood and memory enhancer, and sleep aid. It not only provides a smooth, upbeat feeling with no paranoia — it’s a total sense of well-being.

What Does the Law State?

The law creates a new category for “consumable hemp,” which is defined as “any product derived from industrial hemp that contains any cannabinoids and is intended for consumption or topical use.”

Delta 8 is an isomer of the well-known delta-9 THC for which marijuana is produced. The isomer is rare in the cannabis plant but can be easily made from extracted CBD, which has opened new market opportunities because drug laws across the country address only delta-9 THC.

Louisiana Plans to Regulate Delta 8

Louisiana has a limited medical-marijuana market with just nine operating dispensaries. The dispensaries are on pace to record a cumulative $25 million-$30 million in sales this year, according to 2021 MJBiz Factbook.

The new delta 8 ruling comes on the heels of that state opening the sale of smokable marijuana flower, set to begin in 2022.

Manufacturers and distributors seeking permits for the new ruling must submit floor plans of their facilities, plans for processing, and proofs of the labels that they plan to use on their products. Each business will undergo an initial inspection to obtain the permits.

Permit fees are based on the businesses’ annual sales — and it will take the Louisiana Department of Health 10 days to issue a permit to allow a facility to manufacture and distribute consumable hemp.

Good News. Bad News. Good News.

Delta 8 edibles in Louisiana is good news for business. Most banks are still reluctant to boarding merchant accounts for business that sell Delta 8 and related products. So, the bad news is there is still an issue with most banks processing payments for those businesses that will be selling Delta 8. The good news is that CPS has three banks for 100 percent uptime for business that will be selling edibles.

Point of Banking

Point of Banking (cashless ATM) system supports authorized PIN-based card transactions: ATM/debit cards and credit cards allowing your customers the ability to pay with their cards, increasing customer spending with every transaction.

  • No processing transaction fees to your business.

  • Your customer pays a small convenience fee per approved transaction.

  • Settlement deposits directly to your business checking or personal account.

  • Monitor transactions online immediately.


Patients/customers spend more with card payments compared to cash.

Supported by three banks for 100% uptime.

Daily funding. Quick and easy approval process.

No per-transaction costs to merchants.

COMING SOON: Merchant Cash Advance Up to $200K in immediate cash.

Ready to sell Delta 8 and need a reliable payment processor that will set you up fast without worry? Tell us about your business so CPS can help you sell.

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