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No Cost Payment Processing For Small Business

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The average cost of processing payments for an American business earning $10,000 to $250,000 in annual payments volume is between 2.87% to 4.35% per transaction. The majority of that fee is what is called the interchange fee charged by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or any other credit card brand. When adding the cost of monthly fees, swipe fees, batch fees, equipment fees, and processing fees, non-cash payment processing reduces profit margins to become one of the highest overhead costs for small businesses. As merchants face increasing competition and rising business costs, many are turning to Edge Dual Price credit card processing with no monthly costs as a solution.

What is Edge Dual Price Payment Processing?

Edge Dual Price payment processing is a program that offsets the cost of processing by offering a cash price and a credit price to customers. The cost of paying by credit is set slightly higher to cover the business's processing costs. Edge is the fastest growing program throughout the country, providing business owners the opportunity to cover their processing overhead, without being forced to raise all prices for cash and credit customers.

This is the least expensive and the best credit card processing solution that eliminates 100% of your credit card processing costs.

Benefits Of Edge Dual Price Payment Processing for Small Businesses.

Edge Dual Pricing has numerous benefits for small businesses. The goal for business owners is to generate sales and increase profit margins. Edge Dual Pricing credit card processing meets both goals. It allows a variety of payment options at their location to increase foot traffic and generate sales to increase profits. As your merchant services agency, Coastal Payment Systems will handle all aspects of setting up your business with the Edge program.

Additional Edge Dual Price Benefits.

No Monthly Costs

Some payment processing companies charge a monthly fee for using their services. The fee might vary by the number of transactions your business has per month. Edge Dual Price has no monthly costs.

No Swipe Fees

Many credit card processors charge a fee for every credit card swipe through your payment terminal. Edge Dual Price never charges a swipe fee.

No Batch Fees

Edge Dual Price does not charge batch fees.

Accept All Card Brands.

People have a preference when it comes to payment methods. Edge provides payment processing solutions that can help you offer your customers the ability to pay with any major credit card.

No Rate Increases

With Edge you never have to worry about credit card processing rate increases again.

Free Payment Terminal.

There are several free terminal choices offered with an Edge Dual Price merchant account. With free equipment and Edge Dual Pricing payment processing, what was once paid using traditional credit card processing, now can be invested back into the business or for a more beneficial use.

What Type of Small Businesses will Benefit from Edge Dual Payment Processing?

What business would not want to provide their customers with flexible payment options while keeping overhead low and prices low? Most businesses are eligible for the Edge Dual Price processing program. These are some examples of businesses that will benefit from Edge Dual Payment processing:

  • Accountants & Tax Preparers.

  • Advertising & Marketing Firms.

  • Athletic & Personal Trainers.

  • Auto Body Shops.

  • Bakeries.

  • Car Dealerships.

  • Car Wash.

  • Child Care Businesses.

  • Chiropractic Offices.

  • Cleaners.

  • Construction Companies.

  • Convenience Stores.

  • Dental Practices.

  • Equipment Rental Services.

  • Grocery Stores.

  • HVAC Services.

  • Independent Contractors.

  • Landscaping & Lawn Care Companies.

  • Liquor stores.

  • Medical Practices.

  • Mental Health Practitioners.

  • Non-Profit Organizations.

  • Pawn Brokers.

  • Plumbing Companies and Contractors.

  • Pest Control & Exterminating.

  • Restaurants & Bars.

  • Retail Stores.

  • Services Businesses.

  • Technology Companies.

  • Truck Stops.


Learn how to stop paying high processing costs with Free Edge Smart equipment.

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