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COVID-19 is bad for business. We’re here to help.

Is your business getting hit hard with the shelter-in-place mandates? You’re not alone. Right now the lack of customers is devastating merchants across the country. So how can you get back to business faster and recoup some of your losses?

The easiest way - get PayLo payment processing.

Saves You Thousands

PayLo’s legally vetted, proprietary technology allows merchants to apply a small service fee to every sale they make and, if they choose to, offer a discount to customers who pay in cash. Service fees go toward processing expenses, letting business owners keep more of their profits at the end of the month.

Take it Mobile

Take PayLo payments with the PayHub+ Virtual Terminal and swiper. It is specially designed to work great on any Internet capable device of any size, including smart phones, tablets, and touchscreen PCs. The swiper can easily read a variety of magnetic stripes - including credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards.

Easy Setup

PayLo technology integrates with lots of equipment types and POS platforms as well as electronic invoicing, card on file, recurring billing and pay-on-site services. Back office reporting also available. It’s the easiest way to start saving money today and get your business back in business.

Want to learn more? Talk to us today

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