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Cash Flow Needs and Issues.

While we all wait to see what the next “federal stimulus bill” will (and will not) include, there is little doubt that many business owners continue to struggle. Some need more money to rebuild their businesses; others need a way to cut expenses; and others need to find new sources of capital to help pay their mortgages and put food on their tables.

Although we are definitely making progress, there is little doubt that the small business community is still in a somewhat precarious and fragile state. The economic and emotional pain/damage from this pandemic has run pretty far and deep. Towards this end, we want to highlight examples of how our customers are address their cash flow needs and issues.

A True Consolidation Loan

This product is designed for those businesses with “short term” loans that eat up too much daily/weekly cash flow. Unlike most lenders, this lender will PAY OFF your customers’ existing lenders and there is no minimum amount of money the business needs to “net.” Importantly, the ability to get future financing will NOT BE HURT. The current loan balances are refinanced into a single loan with one monthly payment. The below chart compares what some businesses are currently paying. Many of our customers are reducing their current payments by almost 80% per month:

Loan Balance Current Monthly Payments New Payments Savings

$10,000 $1,666 $332 80%

$25,000 $4,166 $830 80%

$50,000 $8,333 $1,660 80%

$75,000 $12,449 $2,491 80%

$100,000 $16,666 $3,321 80%

This game is all about survival until this pandemic crisis ends or slows enough so that businesses can get back to full speed. There is money to lend so let us help your business reduce your payments and get back to business.

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