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Business Loans in 2019

Clearly the thing small businesses need most is access to working capital to keep your business running in lean times or to buy a much-needed piece of equipment.  This struggle is very real for thousands of independent restaurants and retail stores nationwide.

“Disaster” can strike lightning-fast in the food industry…

• You suddenly need a new Salamander • Your BOH is painfully short-staffed and your line cook is demanding a raise • The Health inspector comes in at the worst time right after you just sat that 12-top • Your walk-in breaks and you have to pay to get it repaired plus having to replace thousands of dollars in inventory that just went bad before it gets fixed…

Any restaurant owner knows these unfortunate events are just part of the game in this industry, but sometimes there isn’t enough cash flow to deal with these fast enough when they happen.

But trying to get a bank loan can require 3 years of tax returns and some form of collateral to apply.  Banks can require equity in your house as collateral for a business credit line. This is just not practical for the majority of homeowners.

Learn how thousands of restaurant owners are sidestepping the bankers and qualifying for alternative business loans.

Dining establishments large or small have the chance to qualify for a business loan.

The ability to qualify for and receive a loan in a short time frame changes the game.  There is no hard time limit on paying back the loan, and there is no banker pressuring you for the next payment, which makes it a no-

to take advantage of this program.

If you’re serious about taking your restaurant to the next level, complete the pre-qualify application to get the funding you need.

*This will not affect your credit score

If you don’t take action today to fix your current situation, could mean you’ll be stuck where you are right now. Explore your alternative financing options.

Our lending experts are waiting to help you transform your business, leave out the big banks and work directly with people who genuinely care about the long term success of your restaurant.

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