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Business Capital in 2021

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, 2021 has arrived with new business opportunities. Opportunities to adjust to a business climate that has faced a challenge never before imagined. To grow business and become more profitable, successful business owners will seek ways to improve operations to better serve customers that go beyond the norm.

The returns made through these improvements that fuel business growth will require capital investment. But through these challenging times, small business owners, in general, are frustrated with the lack of resources to obtain capital.

Many will wait to see if the government will assist again and if so, what that might mean for their business. In the meantime, many businesses have plans to adjust or expand operations to better thrive in this health regulated environment. Plans that require capital now to implement that, when complete, will increase cash flow. Plans that cannot wait until government loans are available. Or not.

Coastal Payment Systems is meeting the demand for capital by providing funds to businesses throughout the US. Although this funding comes with a cost and is not forgivable, funding is available in as little as three days! Repayment is solely based on daily sales. Which means that on days that sales are lower; the payment is lower also.

Funds can be sent to your account in as little as three days. Repayment is made by collecting a small percentage from each credit card processing settlement.

Benefits of funding:

Quick process, limited requirements to fund.

Minimum 500 FICO. Minimum $7,000 a month in credit card sales.

Does not show up on credit, as a lien, or on your balance sheet. Meaning no adverse effect in ability to receive future traditional funding.

Use the funds as you see fit.

Obtaining cash advance funding for your business is easy and quick.

Find out how simple it is to get the capital you need today. Click on the "Apply Today" link to complete the simple application. A funding specialist will then contact you to help you through the process every step of the way.

Apply Today

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