Dual Price Payment Processing.
Make the same profit on card sales as cash sales.

What is Dual Price Payment Processing? 

Dual Price Processing is an innovative solution that applies both a “cash” price and an “other payment” price to every item. Dual Price treats every transaction as a cash transaction, so you no longer pay to process credit cards. Dual Price programming assigns all items two prices, creating a unique price increase that is applied when a payment method other than cash is used. The price increase on card payments pays for payment processing costs normally paid by merchants when using traditional payment processing.


Dual Price signage informs customers of the policy. Most customers now expect to pay a slightly higher price for credit card use now that many businesses are using a dual price program. Customer facing screens on the latest processing equipment display the payment choice. Paper receipts show a cash or credit price for customers to choose from.

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How much will Dual Price save?

Your merchant statement and your bank account will tell you what it cost you to take credit cards last month. How much did you pay last year? With Dual Pricing, what you paid; you will keep.

What will my customers say?

Thousands of businesses across the nation now have dual pricing which means most customers have experienced and accepted the program. The few that may complain will have no choice but to accept it also. A couple of sales may be lost at first, but now you are keeping the money you were once paying to process payments. Do the math. Make more profit and increase cash flow.