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The Advantage Program
Make the same profit on card sales as cash sales. With the Advantage Program you pay $0 to accept card sales. 

Coastal Payment Systems offers Merchants multiple ways to save, so they can choose the option that works best for them.

Service Charge  or  Advantage Program

What is a Service Charge?

Service charges allow merchants to quickly and easily add an additional charge to each transaction to help offset rising expenses. With service charges, there are no backend pricing changes. 

What is the Advantage Program?                       

The Advantage Program (AP) offers several pricing and POS configuration options to help pass certain fees through to customers. •Backend pricing changes required so reporting reconciles and fees “zero out”

Dual Pricing     Customers will be shown both a noncash and cash price at the point of sale.   

                                                            A percentage of your choosing is automatically applied to determine the non-cash price.

Supplemental Fee Advantage Plan

Supplemental Fee At checkout, a supplemental fee is added to all transactions, regardles

of payment type.

Dual price Advantage Plan

Cash Discount Customer is shown the non-cash price at checkout, but if they choose to pay with cash, you can provide a discount on the transaction.

Cash Discount Advantage
Free Countertop Terminal 0% CPS
SkyTab POS
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We are so confident with the success merchants are having with the Advantage Program, we will place a Point of Sale or a payment terminal in your business at no upfront cost. FREE! If you are not satisfied with the program, you can switch back to traditional processing, still save money with our lower rates and keep using the equipment for faster payment processing and a better customer experience. 

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