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Collect payments faster with Pay by Text.


Pay by Text and Two-Way Messaging


Improve customer service via two-way texting.


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Everyware offers simple billing solutions for organizations in a wide variety of industries. Get paid and get paid fast. Everyware is the most straightforward Pay by Text platform. It’s easy to get started, scalable across all platforms, and works alongside your existing system with easy integration.

Industry Solutions
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Offer package upgrades via Pay-by-Text campaigns to increase company revenue.


Get your customers excited about their stay before they even arrive.

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Medical practices of any size can collect patient bills and co-pays through our HIPAA secure platform.



Save money on paper billing and receive your payments faster than ever before.

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Everyware is a giving platform. Collect donations for your organization in a simple, streamlined way.

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Make it easy for customers to pay what they owe and raise collection rates.



Send automatic payment reminders and save on paper billing with Pay by Text.

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Send customer’s monthly statements, due date reminders, and collect payments faster.



Reduce the chance of missed or forgotten payments.

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Remind car buyers of upcoming payment due dates and collect payments by text.



Negotiate on vehicle sales by text, improving customer engagement and increasing sale rates.

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Why Pay by Text is the Best Contactless Payment Solution for Companies

Finding innovative ways to communicate with customers and collect payments for services and products is now many companies’ top priority. Those poised to withstand the pandemic and grow in the future are the ones getting on board with the latest (contactless) payment and communication innovations like Pay by Text.

  • "We’ve been meaning to update our payment collection strategy."

  • "We heard consumers (especially millennials) would like to get text invoices or even just text receipts."

  • "We thought SMS marketing seemed interesting and heard our competitors were doing it."

  • "We know website chatbots are often clicked out before conversations kick off. And we know people check their text messages more than email (more than anything.)"

Does this sound like you? Are you one of the companies that was waiting for the right time to try adding a new payment technology into your mix? Now is the time.

With Pay by Text and two-way messaging, your company uses a completely secure web platform to.

  • Issue a personalized text with an invoice link to the customer

  • The customer clicks the link to open a payment screen

  • They enter their card info (or it was already saved in their browser) and click Pay

  • You see the payments come into the web portal in real time




Pay-By-Text Solution:
Why All Businesses Should Quit Calling and Start Texting

With society always on their mobile phones, it only makes sense that more businesses are looking towards text messaging solutions to create efficiency in marketing and communications.

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