Long Term Contracts

Our mission is to keep every merchant satisfied to stay with us. If, for any reason, a merchant wants to close their account, they are free to do so without penalty.

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Vanishing Salespeople​

We believe in resolving any challenge or issues as efficiently and quickly as possible. All calls are answered or returned as soon as possible. Your business depends on it. So does ours. 

Terminal Leases

We sell at cost or place equipment for no cost. Leases are financially binding and the payout is usually more than 10 times the retail value. 

Businesses call on Coastal Payment Systems because they want their merchant account to do more than just make a  transaction. 

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  About Us.  We live and work in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola is a city on the rebound led by and invested in   by visionaries. Business choose to plant their flags and grow here. Pensacola is open for business and a       lifestyle as good as it gets. At Coastal Payment Systems, we believe that business can work for success         with integrity and partnership to grow our city, our state and our nation. That's what we believe in, it's our value. 

Surprise Fees

Every fee is disclosed and explained why the fee is paid.

Expect no bank account surprises.